UrbanMunkie Clothing is a British urban/street wear brand…its a lifestyle with the all too often tenancy to f*ck off into the wild for some serious munkie-ing around. Be it on the skate park, catching a few waves, smashing some MTB trails or further afield and hitting the slopes in search of that fresh pow…this is what UrbanMunkie are about. Oh yeah, another favourite place is the tyre on a rope round back. This one is from our trip to New Zealand a couple of years back.


Our story so far…

2009 – The idea was born. We spent the next few years sourcing printers and manufacturers from around the world…this is ongoing. We had samples made up from our t-shirt designs went out to various music festivals to get the opinion of you the general munkies.

2011 – Began to build an online presence..crucial in this day and age. Selling T-Shirts/Hoodies & Hats to friends, family and strangers to get the name out there!

2012 – Teamed up with Vida Loca Tattoo and Skate Shop based in Bolton to get a few products on the shop floor.

2014 – The website was finally launched after much blood and Munkie sweat!